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Peace Walk Pictures and Daily Postings

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Peace Walk Pictures and Daily Postings
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Welcome to the Peace Walk Tracking Page

Below you will see pictures and postings from James and the international peacewalkers as they make their way from Assisi to Rome.  We will try to update the page daily but due to limited access to internet and time zone differences, we will generally be a day behind the group.
We have also set up a message board so that you can leave them messages if you would like. Click here to access Assisi Message Board

If you have not already signed the peace declaration that James and the group are taking to the Pope please do so now by clicking Steps for Peace.

Thank you for keeping the peacewalkers in your prayers and enjoy the updates!

September 11th
To begin the peace walk, James and the others joined the annual Perugia/Assisi walk hosted by Tavoladellapace (Table of Peace - The Perugia to Assisi walk celebrated it tenth anniversary as hundreds of thousands of people made their way into Assisi and up to The Rocca Maggiore (the castle at the top of the mountain). The streets were blocked off and helicopters flew above as the trail of people could be seen for miles. Also on this day, Il Mandir dela Pace (an Italian peace organization) presented James with a peace torch to be carried on with him from Assisi to Rome. Others who were on the Perugia/Assisi walked have now joined James on his journey to Rome.

The walkers getting ready

Walking for Peace Among the Hundreds of Thousands

Jimmy among the peacewalkers

Some of our group among the crowd
Walking for Peace

The peacewalkers heading into Assisi

More Peacewalkers

The Peacewalkers head into Assisi
Here they come!!!

Here they came
Super Peace flag
at the Bascilica in Assisi

Made it to the top of Assisi

The Cloth of Many Colors at the Castle (Top of Assisi)
(Our couple, Joe and Rose, got married in the morning
and afterwards walked with us to the castle with us)

Jimmy receives the peace torch to carry to Rome

September 12th
The peacewalkers begin their journey from Assisi to Rome with the Cloth of Many Colors and the Peace Torch in hand. The walk through Assisi and Spello was beautiful and the local residents were so supportive. The day ended with a great story-telling session of the day's events and Alex (from Russia) teaching us a breathing exercise he learned while crossing the Siberian Mountains. Thanks Alex!

Group Starting off for Rome

The group prayer before walking

Getting the Cloth of Many Colors
ready to walk up to Rome
Several of our peacewalkers stop
at a corner to show the Cloth of
Many Colors to a group passing by

September 13th
Our international group includes walkers from Guatemala, Scottland, Ireland, Jordan, Russia, Belgium and Austria just to name a few. The walk today was from Foligno to Trevi with lots of adventures along the way.

Getting closer to town

And there are so many temptatoins along
the way

September 14th
The group walked from Trevi to Spoleto. The walk today was longer than revious days and the weather warmer. Everyone eventually made it through the beautiful town to the hotel where we held an evening gathering.

Morning prayer gathering before starting the day's walk

We are not in Kansas any more
Our evening gathering

September 15th
What a beautiful walk from Spoleto to Terni and the directions were simple today - yeah! We went through the waterfall park and found an amazing fresh fruit stand.

Morning gathering in front of
Hotel Charleston
The waterfalls we passed
along the way


Lost in Spoleto
Quick gathering in the park

September 16th
Our walkers went from Terni to Orte through the countryside today. Unlike other days, there were no bathrooms or cappacino stops for miles.

Praying the Peace Prayers before
starting on our journey
Good thing we have a bus to
transport all this luggage

September 17th
The Peacewalkers left their accomodations at the truck stop and headed off to Civita Castellana where they ran into the weekend long festival taking place. Two of our female walkers were coaxed into the parade.

Morning prayer at the truck stop
One of our peacewalkers
in the parade

Cedric making repairs to one of the support vehicles

September 18th
We head from Civita Castellana to Fiano Romana - a suburb of Rome. Our early scouts arrive at the hotel only to find out we have been moved to a different hotel. Good thing we are practicing peace.:o)

Kim leads us through morning
peace prayers
Heading out of town

Smile for the camera

September 19th
Our peacewalkers are excited as today they head into the outskirts of Rome. Over a week of walking and the goal is close at hand.

Morning prayers are lead by young
Gabriel and his mother
Morning gathering

We are no longer in the countryside
as we head into Rome
Sending Peace to the cars and
trucks passing by

Celebratoin hugs as the peacewalkers make it into Rome

September 20th
The final day of the Peace Walk.

The final leg of the walk through Rome

Jimmy gathers the group in
Vatican Square
Peace Prayers

Cloth of Many Colors in Vatican Square

More Pictures from the Journey

Our peacewalkers after a week
- still smiling
Posing for a picture with the peace
torch once reaching Rome

Our youngest peacewalker taking a stroller break with his mom

More peace torch pictures
More peace pictures

Walking for peace
We made it

Are we there yet?

May Peace Prevail
on Earth!