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Instruments of Peace

Painless Childbirth with Reiki

Painless Childbirth with Reiki
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Painless Childbirth

         with Reiki

method of natural childbirth


Using Reiki, a gentle, centering energy, couples learn how to work together to tap into the ancient birthing wisdom of the mother’s body; enabling them to birth their baby in tranquility, drug free and without pain for mother or baby.


The program consists of a one-day workshop where both mother and birthing partner are attuned to Reiki I and learn how to do Reiki on themselves and on each other. The emphasis of this training is nurturing, bonding, relaxation and stress reduction.


Three follow-up sessions are done with each couple where, using Reiki, birthing fears and unhappy past pregnancy experiences are released.  Using Reiki as the tool and with the assistance of breathing and visualization techniques, couples learn and practice accessing the body’s ancient birthing wisdom.


The Painless Childbirth with Reiki program is a complement to your prenatal care.

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